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Sectional Screw Flights

sectional screw flight
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Screw conveyor Ribbon
screw impeller
screw conveyor flight
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Cut and Fold Screw Flight
Screw Shaft 0002
screw flight manufacturer in india
Screw Flights supplier in india

Atlas Engineers is a leading Sectional Screw Flights manufacturer and supplier in India. Screw Conveyor Flight is individual turns obtain from various grade of steels which are formed into a Left or Right hand helix with the desired Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter and Pitch. There are many type of screw conveyor flights available like, Sectional Screw Flight, Paddle Screw Flight, Cut and Fold Screw Flight, Variable Pitch Screw Flight, Tapered Screw Flight etc. We can provide a wide range of Left or Right hand Sectional Screw Flights or Helix Flights and Ribbon Flights up to 1500mm (60") diameter and up to 2000mm  (80") Pitch and thickness ranging from 3mm (1/8") to 25mm (1") in a wide variety of materials like:


Mild Steel

Stainless Steel



Low Alloy Carbon Steel

Wear Resistant Steel

and many more ......

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